Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased cd cover

Perry, Steve

Greatest Hits + Five Unreleased

  1. Oh Sherrie
  2. Foolish Heart
  3. She's Mine
  4. Strung Out
  5. Go Away
  6. When You're in Love
    (For the First Time)
  7. Against the Wall
  8. Forever Right or Wrong
    (Love's Like a River)
  9. Summer of Luv
  10. Melody
  11. Once in a Lifetime, Girl
  12. What Was
  13. You Better Wait
  14. Missing You
  15. I Stand Alone
  16. It Won't Be You
    [Writing Demo]
  17. If You Need Me, Call Me
    [Unreleased Demo]

Easily one of the best singers of our generation. With Perry’s strong Sam Cook influence, blended with an AOR touch, Steve has, on his own, and with Journey become one of the most influential singers of our time. Even though I’ve always hoped he would do something heavier, his slightly scratchy emotional delivery has always won me over no matter how light and pop oriented it was. This collection spans Street Talk through For the Love of Strange Medicine and, as the title says, throws in some other unreleased material. If you’re a fan of Journey, but you never heard Steve on his own, you should really pick this up. --Scott


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