Best Shots cd cover

Pat Benatar

Best Shots

  1. Love is a Battlefield
  2. Promises in the Dark
  3. One Love
  4. All Fired Up
  5. We Live For Live
  6. Hell Is For Children
  7. Shadows of the Night
  8. Hit Me With Your Best Shot
  9. We Belong
  10. Invincible (
  11. Fire and Ice
  12. Heartbreaker
  13. Suffer The Little Children/Hell Is For Children
  14. Painted Desert
  15. Outlaw Blues

Pat Benatar was a young woman trained as an opera singer, who led a jazz combo, who went on to become a heavy metal superstar. With such a diverse background, the work she did reflected her various tastes. From hard-hitting classics like "Hit Me With Your Best Shot," "Hell Is For Children," and "Heartbreaker," to the almost-but-not-quite-pop "Invincible," the theme from "The Legend of Billie Jean," BEST SHOTS is really excellent. She is backed, as always, by her husband, Neil Geraldo, on guitar, as well as the redoubtable Scott St. Clair Sheets, Roger Capps, and Myron Grombacher. Plus, there's even an appearance by Fernando Saunders (onetime bassist for Lou Reed, Marianne Faithfull, and others). Altogether, it's worth it. Definitely. -Anonymous


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