The Road Home cd cover


The Road Home

  1. Dreamboat Annie (Fantasy Child)
  2. Dog and Butterfly
  3. (Up On) Cherry Blossom Road
  4. Back to Avalon
  5. Alone
  6. These Dreams
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Straight On
  9. All I Wanna Do Is Make Love to You
  10. Crazy on You
  11. Seasons
  12. River
  13. Barracuda
  14. Dream of the Archer
  15. The Road Home (unlisted bonus track)

Heart was once called "little Led Zeppelin," by Zeppelin bassist John Paul Jones. And here we find Jones himself producing, and playing bass, piano, and mandolin. This situation was called by Nancy Wilson, the band's lead guitarist, "one of those dream come true things." This is a stripped down collection of the band's greatest hits, and then some, performed acoustically in the 500 seat Backstage club in Seattle. The version of the classic "These Dreams" is breathtaking. And they re-vamped the monster hit "All I Wanna Do..." which vocalist Ann Wilson had disowned (let's face it, the song kind of sucked, despite the fact that it was a #1 hit). The version here is completely altered; slowed down, recorded with no accompaniment besides the piano. And the addition of The Seattle Symphony Orchestra's string section is brilliant. So, contrary to popular belief, Metallica was not the first heavy metal to record a live greatest hits with orchestral accompaniment. PS: Heart's is twice as good. In addition to the hits, are a handful of new songs, plus a few covers of old folk/rock tunes. Not a common venture for one of the hardest and truest rock bands in history, but a welcome one. --Anonymous


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