Man and Machine cd cover


Man and Machine

  1. Man and Machine
  2. Private Eye
  3. Animal Instinct
  4. The Dawn of the Gods
  5. Dancing with an Angel
  6. Silent Cry
  7. Network Nightmare
  8. Hard to be Honest
  9. Like a Lion
  10. Black Heart
  11. Unknown Traveller

Musically, many of these songs have some great parts that really stand out. There are some really nice individual performances and good attention to detail in the writing. Little flourishes here and there that keep things interesting, but the focus is undeniably the unmistakable croak of Udo himself. An acquired taste to say the least, you either love him or hate him, but you can't ignore him. Believe me, I've tried… Look, the bottom line is if you like Udo, you will probably love this cd. The songs are well written and his band does a great job. The music is very similar to Accept and Priest, so if his voice doesn't bother you, it will probably be a very enjoyable disc for you. --Scott


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“Let me start with what a fool I've been. I've been missing since I don't know when. Naive to think you'd still be there anytime and anywhere I turned away ...”
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