Wake the Nations cd cover

Tamplin, Ken & Friends

Wake the Nations

  1. The Story of Love
  2. We've Jihad Enough
  3. Falling Houses
  4. The Man With a Plan
  5. Hare Kristians
  6. Wake the Nations
  7. God in Heaven
  8. Peace on Earth
  9. Mystery
  10. Cell Phone Freaks
  11. Livin' Large
  12. 7 Eleven People
  13. Saints and Heroes
  14. Waiting for your Love
  15. Every Day is Precious
  16. Come Together
  17. Sing
  18. Freedom

The highlight of the disc is the array of great solos by the guest guitarists. Sadly of the 18 songs, only five or six of them really have that edge I was hoping for. And as much as I love clean production, this album has crossed the line into the area of too clean. With the vocals pushed so far forward, the rhythm guitars frequently get lost in the mix. I think if he remixed this cd, cut about half of the songs and released it with a leaner, meaner, ten track line up, he would fare much better. The good songs would stand out more and I think the rock audience hes targeting would be more likely to embrace it. Unfortunately, as is, it's a marginal release from a guy who can do better. --Scott


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