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Missa Mercuria

Missa Mercuria

  1. Earth´s Destruction
  2. Requiem Mortale
  3. Devine Spark (Firegod)
  4. Whisper of the Soul (Watergoddess)
  5. Mother Earth (Earth)
  6. Spirit of Wisdom (Airgod)
  7. Illusion of Time
  8. Missa Mercuria
  9. Fairytale of Truth
  10. Farewell for Love´s Sake
  11. Departure to Fear
  12. Strange Desert Walk
  13. Bursting Ego
  14. Down to Hell
  15. Rectificando
  16. New Eon Arises

We’ve seen a bunch of these group project concept albums in the last few years, but frankly none of them have been that great. With it’s diverse cast and odd story of gods and goddesses that live within you, this is probably something that I would have passed on if not for Cooper’s involvement. DC wrote the lyrics and did the vocal arrangements and while Cooper is a great talent as a singer, he is also probably one of the best artists at coming up with unique and interesting vocal melodies. His compositions are just top notch and even on this disc when he is writing for other vocalists, that skill comes through. Any time you get a chance to hear Readman and Cooper singing in the same cd, it’s one I’m going to recommend. --Scott


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“There was a shadow over heaven on the day that I was born. They tried to bless me with holy water, but I was baptised in a storm...”
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