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Soul Sirkus

World Play

  1. Highest Ground
  2. New Position
  3. Another World
  4. Soul Goes On
  5. Peephole
  6. Periled Divide
  7. Praise
  8. My Sanctuary
  9. Friends 2 Lovers
  10. Coming Home
  11. Close The Door

What do you do if you’re the kickass guitarist in a band that isn’t necessarily all that kickass? If you’re Neal Schon you participate in side projects that allow you sow your wailing oats, while still having the cushy safe gig on which to fall back. Soul Sirkus sees Neal assembling another superb band. Marco Mendoza handles the bass, Deen Castronovo (Journey) and killer singer for hire Jeff Scott Soto on vocals. Reader be warned. If you’re expecting anything remotely Journey or Hardline, you’ll be surprised. This album is unique in the way that it’s more a collection of jams (with vocals) than songs. That’s not to say there is no melody or decent songwriting. There is. Plenty. But the musicianship is so top notch that’s the first thing you’ll notice. These guys are pros pros. Schon really shines with riffs on ‘Highest Ground’, ‘New Position’ and ‘Praise’. Soto absolutely kills on the ballads. Some of my personal favorites are the less melodic tunes where the whole band just lets go balls out like ‘Praise’. In fact, my favorite songs change with each listen, which shows I’m hearing something new on each spin. That’s probably a good thing. johnk5150




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“Now I'm here. Can you see me? 'Cos I'm out on my own. When the room goes cold, tell me you can feel me -- 'cos I'm here.”
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