100,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong Disc 3 cd cover

Bon Jovi

100,000,000 Fans Can't Be Wrong Disc 3

  1. Edge Of A Broken Heart
  2. Sympathy
  3. Only In My Dreams
  4. Shut Up And Kiss Me
  5. Crazy Love
  6. Lonely At The Top
  7. Ordinary People
  8. Flesh and Bone
  9. Satellite
  10. If I Can't Have Your Love
  11. Real Life
  12. Mephis Lives In Me
  13. Too Much Of A Good Thing

Bon Jovi has taken a ton of flak on their last couple of releases. One of the biggest gripes from crazed fans was that their live release contained too many of the safe hits mostly recorded on the ‘Crush’ tour. Why, fans asked, given the mountains of live stuff in the vaults wouldn’t the band release some older recordings of their hits or even better, some of the less known songs that had to be laying around just waiting to be grabbed up by ‘real fans’. Rest assured fans of Bon Jovi, with their latest box set, the rare, unreleased, and alternate versions of your favorites are totally worth the price and the wait.

Disc 3
Bon Jovi kicks things off with a bang on Disc 3 with the opening track ‘Edge of a Broken Heart’. Strangely omitted from the ‘Slippery’ release, this has HIT written all over it. This track had every element that was crucial in the success of Bon Jovi’s. Huge backing vocals (Richie’s vocal is big here), a great riff and a huge chorus is prevalent. You can also see Bon Jovi maturing a lot on this disc. ‘Real Life’ from EDTV is very pleasant, but so adult. ‘Satellite’ is a brilliant mid-tempo rocker. Catchy as hell and you will be singing it for days upon listen one. There’s a couple of nice throw ins on this. David Bryan gets the lead vocal on a song he wrote for a musical. Richie gets lead vocals on the very nice piano based vocal ‘If I Can’t Have Your Love’. -- johnk5150




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“If you don't love me, lie to me, 'cause baby you’re the one thing I believe. Let it all fall down around us if that's what's meant to be. Right now, if you don't love me baby, lie to me…”
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