Hellish Videos cd cover


Hellish Videos

  1. Halloween
  2. I Want Out
  3. Kids of the Century
  4. When the Sinner
  5. Mr. Ego
  6. Where the Rain Grows
  7. Perfect Gentlemen
  8. Power
  9. The Time of the Oath
  10. Forever and One
  11. I Can
  12. If I Could Fly
  13. Just A Little Sign
  14. * Hey Lord
  15. * Tour Outtakes
  16. * Photo Gallery

I had no idea Helloween had this many videos. I lost interest in Mtv about ten years ago, but even if I hadnít, Iím sure these wouldnít have been played there. The videos cover their singles spanning all of their albums from Keeper of the Seven Keys, through Rabbit Donít Come Easy. From the classic (but severely edited) Halloween, and I Want Out, to my personal favorite from 2000ís Dark Ride, If I Could Fly. Theyíre all there, from Michael Kiske through Andi Deris. Despite the amateurish design of the cover and case, this is a great collection and a real must have for any Helloween fan. --Scott


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“There is a time where, there is no place here. Tell me if you get there...Heaven ”
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