The Battle cd cover

Allen - Lande

The Battle

  1. Another Battle
  2. Hunter's Night
  3. Wish for a Miracle
  4. Reach a Little Longer
  5. Come Alive
  6. Truth About Our Time
  7. My Own Way Home
  8. Ask You Anyway
  9. Silent Rage
  10. Where Have the Angels Gone
  11. Universe of Light
  12. The Forgotten Ones

Starbreaker was pushed as another Tony Harnell project and the Battle has obviously been christened as Allen-Lande, but the man behind both, is guitarist/song writer Magnus Karlsson. He still doesnít get his name in the title and most of the attention is still going to the singers Ö but that wonít last much longer. These are two of the best cds of 2005 and for as good as the singing is on both of them, (and the singing is GREAT!) itís the songs that have me really excited. These are really good songs -- Iím talking zero filler -- Great guitar work, fantastic melodies and even interesting lyrics. The guyís got it all. And Frontiers Records obviously knew something because they were able to get three top-notch singers to work with him. The Allen-Lande combination is not one that I ever would have thought of, but the two voices actually compliment each other really well. I canít say enough good things about this cd. Itís perfect! --Scott




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