Capture the Magic cd cover

Icarus Witch

Capture the Magic

  1. Storming the Castle
  2. Capture the Magic
  3. Soothsayer
  4. Forevermore
  5. The Ghost of Xavior Holmes
  6. Darklands
  7. Nemeton Forest
  8. Awakening the Mountain Giants
  9. S.A.T.O.

With so much hype on the red hot debut EP, Roses On White Lace, the press had one main question..."can these guys deliver a full record this strong?" With the highly anticipated album, Capture The Magic, Icarus Witch have gone above & beyond the call. Eight new original songs of classic metal mastery plus a scorching, cover of the Ozzy classic "S.A.T.O." make this record sparkle in sea of dull wannabes. Icarus Witch have a unique formula that draws breath from the early metal masters (Maiden, Priest, Dio, Malmsteen, Savatage, Rainbow, etc.) while sounding fresh and powerful in this day of emo, screamo, rap core angst. Melody, harmony, hooks, fantastic lyrics of battle, magic, mystery & myth take the adventerous metal head on a journey to the center of their minds! This album is serious metal, but the result is just so fun, you'll swear you're back in the daze of classic trans ams, arena concert parking lot tail gate parties and theatrical hard rock that is best listened to loudly with headphones, a frosty beverage, candlelight and 20 sided dice. Hail!


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“Don't come closer, 'cos it ain't safe here. Just turn around now and walk away. I've gotta tell you, there are no rules here. Sometimes I wonder what goes on there, behind those eyes…”
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