Unlocking the Past cd cover


Unlocking the Past

  1. On And On
  2. Fool For Your Loving
  3. Cold Sweat
  4. Lonely is the Word /
    Letters from Earth
  5. Burn
  6. Feel Like Making Love
  7. Kill the King
  8. Perfect Strangers
  9. Naked City
  10. The Day the Earth Caught Fire

Without a doubt one of the best singers of the genre, I absolutely love the idea of Jorn covering other rock songs. He has got such a great voice it would be hard to find songs that he couldn't bring something exciting to. That being said, this is probably not the group of songs I would have chosen. He does a great job on all of them, but half of them are pretty obscure tracks, and with his well documented comparisons to Coverdale, I could have done without the Whitesnake song that even Coverdale himself has already covered in various versions. For the record, Jorn did a great job on it, but I think we could have assumed he would and picked a different song. My favorite is the opener On and On, with the metal version of Bad Company's classic Feel Like Making Love coming in a close second. In all honesty, I like the idea of this cd better than the cd itself, but I really hope Jorn does another cover cd, because he just can't help but make most songs better. If you like even one of these songs, you should really get this disc. --Scott


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