Walk the Earth cd cover

Silent Force

Walk the Earth

  1. Man & Machin
  2. Walk the Earth
  3. Point of No Return
  4. In from the Dark
  5. The King of Fools
  6. The Child Within
  7. Goodbye My Ghost
  8. Save Me from Myself
  9. My Independence Day
  10. Blind Leading the Blind
  11. Running Through the Fire
  12. Picture of a Shadow

An impressive arsenal of talent lead by the unmistakeable voice of DC Cooper. On their highly anticipated 4th cd, Silent Force have delivered more of what we have come to expect -- Some of the best, most technically proficient metal on the market today. They have carved themselves out a neat little niche in the music community, combining elements of neo-classical, progressive and pure metal. Their sound is a blend of Yngwie Malmsteen, Judas Priest and Dream Theater. It's this elite list of influences that will get this band noticed, but it's the songs that will set them apart. Walk the Earth is my favorite Silent Force album so far, with twelve tracks that really utilize the bands unique sound and talents to full potential. They're heavy without being noisy and progressive without being pretentious. The cd is well paced with balanced tempos throughout and the production duties are once again handled by the golden touch of Dennis Ward. So all in all you have talented artists, playing good songs that have been produced to perfection. It doesn't get much better than this. --Scott




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