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Pink Cream 69


  1. Children of the Dawn
  2. No Way Out
  3. Crossfire
  4. I'm Not Afraid
  5. A New Religion
  6. The Hour of Freedom
  7. Stop This Madness
  8. Desert Land
  9. Out of this World
  10. It's Just A State of Mind
  11. Wanna Hear You Rock
  12. * My Darkest Hour
  13. Last Train to Nowhere
  14. * Slave to What I Crave

On their fifth full length cd in the last ten years PC69 is still displaying an absolute dominance of this genre. With the commercial appeal of Dokken or VanHalen and the heavy precision of Maiden or Ozzy, I can't think of another band that has released five consecutive cds with this kind of consistency. These songs are so good you almost need to pause between them to really appreciate how good each one is. If you haven't heard this band yet, you are truly missing out. I have literally run out of adjectives that can properly describe how fully this band excels at every facet of their trade. Every instrument on every song ... every melody, every note -- Every detail of every song has been honed to perfection. In any case, they managed to find a way to improve what was already a nearly a perfect sound. After helping out with guitar duties for the last few years on tour, Uwe has been added as a full member of the band. With two guitarists in the studio, the music has taken on a slightly harder edge -- Queensrychey at times, almost Priest-like in other places. Music just doesn't get better than this. This is just essential. --Scott




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“You live for the moment taking all that you see. Then fate sepped in and took the dream away.”
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