Sinister Mind cd cover

Jaded Heart

Sinister Mind

  1. Hero
  2. Justice is Deserved
  3. Sinister Mind
  4. Going Under
  5. See the Light
  6. Open Your Eyes
  7. My Eager's Red
  8. Always on my Mind
  9. Heavenly Devotion
  10. To Please and Give In
  11. Hellucinate
  12. Crush that Fear

Jaded Heart is currently filling a very important void. There are many genres in the metal field, what with the power metal and the euro metal and the glam metal and the AOR light stuff, but somewhere in the middle of all of those fringe elements, between all of those specialty areas, the straight ahead hard rock style has been largely ignored. Ironically, the sound that should be the most obvious, has itself, become the specialty niche. Suffice it to say, Jaded Heart is not glam or power metal or any of those other styles, they are just a kick ass, hard rock band. With great guitar riffs, huge hooks and big melodies, Jaded Heart is among the small group of bands that stuck with the core elements that define what we hold dear. Sinister Mind is a collection of 12 great songs, combining all of the great and heavy elements of everything from Foreigner, to the Scorpions, to Dokken and all of the other great bands of this forgotten field. We've become so accustomed to asking what type of rock a band plays, that somwhere along the line we forgot where all of those types originated from. Sometimes back to basics is a good thing, in this case it's a great thing. Buy this cd. --Scott




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“Seems like yesterday you were still my little girl. Now a doomsday love song is all I've sung since you're gone.”
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