Wired In My Skin cd cover

Northrup, JK

Wired In My Skin

  1. Black Moon
  2. Wired In My Skin
  3. Big Blue Sky
  4. The Road
  5. Perfect Imperfection
  6. Mark My Territory
  7. Cemented Eyes
  8. So Long
  9. Metamorphosis
  10. Grind Me Down
  11. If I Were James Taylor (I Could Finish This Song)

This is an interesting record. Northrup has assembled 3 fine singers and an unknown for his third solo release. The disc is only eleven songs and three are instrumentals. This is okay because they're all great and between two and three minutes, never wandering into the wank zone. The songs with vocals simply aren't that great, 'So Long' excepted. Terry Ilous puts down a groovy vocal over a moody mid-paced rocker. The rest is forgettable. johnk5150


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