Veritas cd cover

Hughes, Gary


  1. Veritas
  2. See Love Through My Eyes
  3. In My Head
  4. Time To Pray
  5. Wide Awake in Dreamland
  6. I Pray For You
  7. Synchronicity
  8. Strange
  9. All I Want Is You
  10. I Know It's Time
  11. The Emerald Sea
  12. The Everlasting Light

This guy is a mystery to me. I've always considered him to be an average at best singer. No real power or range to speak of, just absolutely mediocre. His work with Ten struck me as third-string arena rock. Their only special feature was the fact that they produced that type of music in the midst of the 90's grunge era. A time when fans were so starved for melodic rock, anything would sound good. At least with Ten, he had Vinny Burns playing guitar, but this ... I'm sure some of his deluded die hards would disagree, but this is just awful, poorly produced, self-indulgent drivel. The songs are a bold combination of bad and boring. The music is weak and the vocals are bland. This doesn't even qualify as rock. --Scott


Average Visitor Rating7.8
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