Clash of the Elements cd cover

Poodles, The

Clash of the Elements

  1. Too Much Of Everything
  2. Caroline
  3. Like No Tomorrow
  4. One Out of Ten
  5. I Rule The Night
  6. Give Me a Sign
  7. Sweet Enemy
  8. 7 Days and 7 Nights
  9. Pilot Of The Storm
  10. Can't Let You Go
  11. Don't Rescue Me
  12. Heart of Gold
  13. Dream To Follow
  14. Wings Of Destiny

With their third cd, the Poodles have officially become one of my favorite bands. I'll admit I was a little concerned when I heard Norgren had left the band, but they found a great replacement and moved forward without a hitch. I will say, short of starting the cd with a ballad, I think they picked the worst possible opening track. For a band already drawing constant comparisons to Guns 'N Roses, kicking off the cd with a song that has full orchestra accompaniment is probably not going to do much to change that perception. With a little success comes a little bigger recording budget and they spent it on bringing in an orchestra. And while it doesn't make the songs sound bad, in most cases, I think I would have preferred the songs without it. There are some places where it works, but when you're paying an orchestra, I guess you're obligated to let them play. So their opening track (aptly titled Too Much of Everything) is a little too much for me. I don't think it would have bothered me as much if they closed with it, but it's misleading as an opener. It's a small complaint though as the Poodles have delivered another batch of killer songs. As usual, they show an astonishing attention to detail in their production, to really get the most out of every melody, every riff, every song ... My favorites are the up-tempo Caroline and Don't Rescue Me, but they also do great ballads and some other moodier stuff too. Great cd. --Scott




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