It's About Time / *Badd Boyz cd cover

Shortino / *Badd Boyz

It's About Time / *Badd Boyz

  1. Love Me Till It Hurts
  2. Hell On Heels
  3. Nothing's Gonna Stop Me
  4. Bust
  5. Come To The Water
  6. Love Line Annie
  7. In Mood
  8. Where There's A Will
  9. Bango
  10. Nothing Comes Easy
  11. All Of My Life
  12. Too MAny Nights
  13. This Must Be Love
  14. The Lady Was A Tramp
  15. Love Of My Life
  16. No, No Nikki (Demo Version)
  17. *Leave It To The Law
  18. *No Time For Cryin'
  19. *I Don't Want To Hear Your Heart Break
  20. *You're Mine Tonight
  21. *Save Our Land

The return of one of the best voices in metal. This two in one cd features the full length version of It's About Time along with the EP by Paul's former project Badd Boyz. And it's a domestic release to boot! If you're into fantastic singers, pick this one up.
-- Scott


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