The Very Best Of cd cover


The Very Best Of

  1. Breaking The Chains
  2. Paris Is Burning (Live)
  3. Into The Fire
  4. Just Got Lucky
  5. Alone Again
  6. Tooth And Nail
  7. The Hunter
  8. In My Dreams
  9. It's Not Love
  10. Dream Warriors
  11. Burning Like A Flame
  12. Heaven Sent
  13. Mr. Scary
  14. Walk Away
  15. Mirror Mirror (Don Dokken)
  16. Too High To Fly

Five years and three albums after their last greatest Hits offering, and not much has changed. Apparently the powers that be on this project felt that only one song out of the last 35 recorded by the band was worthy of a place on the list. Dysfunctional’s Too High to Fly. This one also included Mirror, Mirror from Don’s solo cd and allowed Back for the Attack’s Heaven Sent into the group. Unfortunately, like their previous Best Of collection, this cd only holds 16 songs, so they were forced to cut three. The ones that got cut were Back for the Attack, Unchain the Night and my personal favorite, Kiss of Death. Not a good trade in my opinion. If you only get one, pick up the other one instead. --Scott




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“Close the door behind you Hide from yourself Destined to fall down Praying for help Pain embraces me Holding me back I was in envy Fragile intact”
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