Heart Like  A Gun cd cover


Heart Like A Gun

  1. little jeannie
  2. everything you do
    (you're sexing me)
  3. where the cowboys go
  4. mariel
  5. draw the line
  6. here it comes again
  7. bringing in the beast
  8. victoria cross
  9. look at me now
  10. when pink turns blue

Iíll be honest. I bought this cd for one reason; Track 2, Everything You Do, the much-publicized duet between Kip and Fiona. It was a hot song with a great video. Kip Winger was producer Beau Hillís golden Boy and Fiona was Hillís girlfriend. He cashed in a favor and got Kip to sing with Fiona, made a cool video of the two circling each other in a sexual predatory fashion and had a metal hit. Itís still a great song and the parts couldnít have been cast any better. The rest of the cd is a rather ho-hum affair. Fiona has a good voice, but the other songs are only mediocre and the overused keyboards and overzealous production make for an over-sanitized pop rock album. --Scott


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“She waits home alone just to love him through the night thinkin'...'He's been gone so long now. Is he comin' home'?”
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